Reinforced Cladding Solutions

Arabian tile Company – ARTIC a leading Reinforced cladding solution company in the Saudi Arabia and the region, since early 80’s ARTIC was pioneer in the field, over the years we build our competency to reach the state of art production facility,

Our facility has latest technology in the field of reinforced cladding solutions;
  • Automated molding Lines (USA)
  • Automated Robot (Germany) molding Line
  • Automated hot wire cutting Lines (France)
  • Automated molding Line (Denmark)
  • Spray machines (UK)
  • Automated Batching plant.
Arabian tile Company ARTIC achieve full GRCA membership accreditation
  • In Jan 2020, Arabian tile Company ARTIC announced that; ARTIC is the first and the only company achieved the International Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA) Full membership in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The GRCA is the industry’s leading body was formed over 40 years ago. Membership comes in from over 20 countries and the GRCA has a long tradition of serving the GRC industry worldwide.
  • To become a full member of the GRCA, ARTIC were assessed by an independent certifying body, appointed by the International GRCA. As part of the assessment process, ARTIC had to demonstrate we had enough resources in plant, equipment and labor to consistently design and manufacture high-quality Reinforced Concrete Cladding in accordance with full member regulations.
  • Having this great achievement means that customers can be more confident than ever, knowing that the product we design, build and install for them meets strict regulations, and delivers on quality.