Management Letter We are pleased to be part of a wonderful team” ARTIC 11 , a model who is able to continuously beat the target and record a new set of results with good sales, profit and earnings growth,

despite challenging conditions in the market and surrounding environment. ARTIC is a business built around customers and staff, high-quality provider across the kingdom and multiple opportunities for growth. Our job is to build on this legacy – for all of our stakeholders. Going forward, there will mostly be continuity. We have a sound strategy, a strong team and the period of highest risk with the atrophy of the business is now behind us.

Importantly, there will be no change to the foundations of our business: our core purpose to provide our regional customers superior products and services. This will motivate our custo ers to reward us with leadership sales and profit – and our Vision – ARTIC is the regional Leader of Flooring, Fiber based-Cladding and Outdoor Furniture markets will be the closest ever.

ARTIC values will remain the same with more focus on new culture enhancement. The new cultl!lre, which we are creating, will translate our vision into reality. We will see ARTIC as the most highly valued business in the region not only by our customers, but also by the communities we ser e, our staff, and our shareholders. We will be a modern and innovative company. We’ll stay ahead of the curve, anticipating changes and adapting for the sake of our customers and staff. We are, and we will remain a growth company. We will continue to pursue growth in all parts of the business.

Talents will bring value creation, which requires a solid understanding of the customer, establishing real customer’s insights.

This is another major task, aims at understanding the techniques and processes for capturing these insights, and involves suppliers, channels and consumers in creating new values. We have inherited a great legacy and we are really excited about the future. In the end of course, we know it’s all about performance; that’s what matters and that’s what we aim to deliver. Eng. Saeed T. Alzahrani