Health, Safety and Environment Policy


We take pride in everyone returning home safely every day

Arabian Tile Co. (ARTIC) is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment. This will be delivered by implementing and maintaining an environmental management system that applies to services provided by its permanent offices and to its construction activities. This includes activities, products and services provided by organizations working on behalf of Arabian Tile Co. (ARTIC).

A summary of the Arabian Tile Co. (ARTIC) HS & E policy statements are posted on the designated safety notice board(s). The general manager has full access to systems available for inspection at any time.

Health, Safety & Environment Principles & Objectives:

Arabian Tile Co. (ARTIC) holds health and safety as a core business value and is committed to creating a future free of incidents and injuries, where:

  • All stakeholders actively create safe environments.
  • Leadership, passion and commitment are present at all levels.
  • Working safely, enhances quality, improves productivity and generates value
  • Attitude and behavior replace statistics as a measure of success.
  • People are enabled to make safe choices about their own and their neighbor’s safety and to challenge the environment in which they work.
  • Good safety behavior is admired, respected and recognized across the organization.
  • Peer pressure has replaced policing – acting unsafely is anti-social.
  • We have a well-trained & fully competent workforce actively contributing to the safe planning of their work.
  • To ensure the prevention of pollution as a result of ‘ARTIC Concrete Products’ operations and activities.
  • To ensure that risks are identified and controlled so that employees and others can be protected from danger.
  • Our commitment to safety & long term health contributes for making us as an employer of first choice.
  • Our business only welcomes those who support our vision and are willing to change – no compromise on safety.

All employees and persons working on behalf of the company are required to understand, implement and maintain the ethos of the company’s policy statement.

The routine monitoring and review of health, safety and environment issues will be undertaken by the management in combination with the consultancy where needed.

This policy statement will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is continuing to reflect the requirements of the company.