Ultra-high-performance Composite (UHPC)

  • Ultra-High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Composite (UHPFRC), has very high compressive strength, and enhanced durability. This is achieved by combining high content of binders, low water-to-binder ratios and ultrafine mineral admixtures.
  • Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) is an advanced composite concrete material offering unparalleled performance.it is the perfect material for creating modern slender architectural and sculptural elements. With its unique high flow and self-compacting characteristics, UHPC has the ability to replicate lightweight, mould forms with precise detail and accuracy. Produced from a blend of ultra-fine cement-based minerals creating an extremely dense and compact material,
  • Also, UHPC is ideal for longer spans and slender profiles. With the addition of UV stable pigments, a wide range of colors and shades can be achieved.
UHPC has the following advantages


The ability and flexibility to design and produce any 3D design
  • Higher accuracy in design and finish product
  • Much Faster production lines
  • Beautiful & Perfect finishes
Best performance in the market
  • Weather, fire and impact resistances
  • Light weight
  • Long, Long lasting
  • Easy to install & maintain
UHPC Technical advantages:
  • Ductility, which is the ability to support tensile loads even after initial cracking
  • Ultra-high compressive strength (up to 100 MPa/14,500 psi)
  • Extreme durability; low water to cementitious material (w/cm) ratio
  • Self-consolidating and highly moldable mixtures
  • High-quality surfaces
  • Flexural/tensile strength (up to 15 MPa/5,800 psi) through fiber reinforcement
  • Thinner sections; longer spans; lighter weight
  • New graceful product geometries
  • Chloride impermeability
  • Abrasion and fire resistance
  • No steel reinforcing bar cages
  • Minimal creep and shrinkage after curing
UHPC Field of application:
  • Highway Pavements and bridges
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Hydropower Structures
  • Floor slabs
  • Refractories
  • Thin shells
  • Rock slope stabilization
  • Mine tunnel linings and many precast products
  • Architectural products such as Facade Elements, Decorative Screens, A.C. Covers, Cladding Panels, Column Capital, Bases, Domes, Castellation, Planters, Permanent Formwork and a wide range of custom-made applications.