Saudi Electricity Headquarters

Representing a novel and custom approach to sustainable design and construction, the new Saudi Electricity Company Headquarters is intended to become a ground breaking landmark in the evolution of Riyadh’s Architectural history.

The headquarters are seated in a state-of-the-art campus encompassing 265,000 square meters, with offices and amenities distributed across five interconnected buildings and the surrounding “wadi” garden landscape comprising one city block. The four cube-shaped office blocks are unified by a central podium volume at the center, which serves as the main reception and creates a social and functional heart for the company. The individual buildings house different departments and, viewed together, represent a coherent unity of organized parts. At the same time, the plan enables a great deal of flexibility to accommodate future growth and change.

Scope of ARTIC products:

Supply and installation of Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRG), different types of paving blocks, curbstones “