Riyadh Metro

Riyadh Metro project represents a public transit system of 6 main lines covering 176 KM and 85 highly equipped stations with cutting-edge technology, which will offer you an outstanding experience during your trip around the city.

These 6 lines cover most of the highly populated districts, government’s facilities, educational and commercials outlets. It is connected with King Khaled International Airport and King Abdullah Financial District, in addition to big universities, the city center and center of Public Transit.

  • Riyadh Metro has 6 Lines divided into:
  • (Blue Line) Olaya – Batha’a with 38 KM distance.
  •  (Red Line) King Abdullah Road with 25.3 KM distance
  •  (Orange Line) Al Madina Al Monawara – Prince Saad bin Abdul Rahman Al Awal road, 40.7 KM distance
  •  (Yellow line) King Khaled International Airport Road, 29.6 KM distance
  •  (Green line) King Abdul Aziz Road 12.9 KM distance
  •  (Purple Line) Abdul Rahman bin Aouf road – Shiekh Hassan bin Hussain bin Ali road, 30 KM distance
  •  ARTIC Project area’s :
  • Supply and Installation of GFRC Cladding and GFRG internal Decorative panels to Olay Station.
  • Iconic Station Supply and installation of GFRG elements to Line 3 Station.
  • Supply GFRC elements to Line 3 Station.
  • Supply of Interlocking pavers, Terrazzo tile, Curbstones and Precast Concrete products.