Mold Maker

Department: Production

Job Description:
  • Crafting blueprint models very precisely on wood
  • Forms rubber wax injection molds by vulcanizing pieces of rubber around crafted wooden model
  • Inspects mold for defects
  • Repair cracks and broken edges of mold, using hand tools
  • Split rubber mold for production process
Job location Main factory – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Working hours: Full time
Employment type: Permanent
Preferred gender Male
Preferred nationality: Indian / Philippine / Pakistan
Preferred language(s): Arabic / Urdu / English / Hindi
Experience 10 years (Min.) – Expert
Salary scale Basic 1600 – 1800 SAR

Required Qualification:

  • Good knowledge on crafting woods
  • Good experience on use of various set of crafting and repairing tools
  • Experienced in rubber mold production process and techniques
  • Strong communication
  • Diploma in Molding or equivalent