Terms and conditions of use of the website
Welcome to the online store  www.artic.com.sa

This online store is a service provided by the Arabian Tile Company “ARTIC”, which is a company established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with commercial registration number (1010075274) and its main headquarters is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the city of Riyadh, Eastern Ring Road, between exits (12 and 13), Al Rawdah District. Opposite the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. P.O. Box: 13211 – 2328, Unit No.: 15, Postal Code: 13211, Building No.: 6851.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ARTIC owns several factories in the following regions:

Riyadh Second Industrial City, Al-Kharj .

Jeddah .
Eastern Province.
Warehouse on the old Al-Kharj road, Dammam, and the old Jeddah-Mecca road.
The Website is operated by ARTIC (hereinafter referred to as “ARTIC”, “we”, “our”).

Call: 920011575.

“Site”: It means wherever mentioned in the site usage policy or the terms and conditions of the “ARTIC Store”, and all pages, links, tools and features branching from the site and related to the services provided by it are considered an integral part of it.

“Customer”: The website user means the party requesting the service from the website, whether this party is a natural person, a legal person, a company, or an institution.

“Agreement”: means the agreement on the terms and conditions of using the website, which includes all the terms and conditions explained to the customer and which govern and regulate the customer’s use of the website.

You, as a user of this service, must read and understand the following terms and conditions.

Terms of use:

The website’s services are only available to people who are able to legally represent themselves in accordance with the system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The client’s use of the site constitutes an explicit acknowledgment that he is able to represent himself legally.
The customer benefits from reading and understanding the terms and conditions of this agreement and the method of using the site. His use of the site is also considered an express acceptance and approval of this agreement and response to it, and he has full legal capacity. The customer’s use of the site is also considered an explicit acknowledgment of his commitment to and response to this agreement and all of the terms and conditions of ARTEC, in addition to his agreement to the terms, conditions and laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if he is there.
The customer will be responsible for using the site’s services from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in full compliance with the local laws in force in that region.
Membership is granted to those over the age of eighteen years. Otherwise, the site has the right to cancel the account of any member who does not comply with the aforementioned terms of use without notifying him of this, with the obligation to liquidate his financial accounts immediately after closing the account.
Individual users and organizations must abide by commercial contracts concluded with members.
No customer or organization has the right to use one email and/or one mobile number to open more than one account for any reason, and the site administration has the right to freeze the violating accounts and/or cancel these accounts or one of them, with a commitment to liquidate all operations related to the account before closing it and/or Freeze and/or cancel it without incurring any responsibility on the site.
If any Customer registers as a business, his or her business will be bound by all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.
These terms and conditions are in effect and supersede any form of commercial representation, oral agreements, etc., unless additional conditions are specified in this regard for a specific product or service.
If any customer registers as a commercial institution, he must submit all the documents required or that may be requested in order for the purchase process to be completed.
When selecting the approval condition, the terms and conditions of this agreement are considered effective before the customer.

You hereby agree not to use system resources, whether hardware or software, or in any way to confuse, interfere, or attempt to interfere with the workflow of the website or any activity and service provided by the website. The site will investigate activities that may involve these violations and will cooperate with the competent judicial authorities to prosecute and apply the necessary punishment to people involved in such violations.

Privacy policy:

The site is committed to the utmost degree of protecting your personal data given of your own free will, and by accepting the privacy policy for ARTIC customers, this allows us to collect, use and disclose your personal information as a customer only in accordance with the privacy policy and in a very limited manner, and the customer undertakes not to enter any false information. Or misleading. Otherwise, ARTIC has the right to hold the customer accountable in accordance with the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How ARTIC Store obtains customers’ personal information:
When opening a new account for a customer on the site, we request a set of personal data, which must be completed correctly to complete the registration process, and to ensure that there is no false or misleading information.

Personal information we collect:

Name, address, email, phone number, location, and other basic information.
Financial information such as bank account details for certain transactions, and other relevant information.

Registration – Personal Client Account:

The registration process includes the personal information you provide to us to complete your transactions and to contact you. Once registered, the customer acknowledges that he accepts the principle of our use of your personal information and updating it in order to complete the registration process and to control the confidentiality of your identity during the follow-up process to complete the purchase order and pay electronically.

The information provided by the customer during the registration process is protected data in accordance with the privacy protection provisions described previously. Personal information forms part of the customer’s private record for dealing with the site’s services.

Limitations of website and customer liability:

The customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his personal account and password