Slip Resistance

PRE-CAST Terrazzo Stairs Manufacturing Specification

PRE-CAST TERRAZZO is a cement based conglomerate marble. Marble aggregates of various sizes are carefully selected for compatibility of shade and then subjected to a controlled mix which is then used to produce the pre-cast units. During the manufacture, high frequency vibrations are applied to remove all air pockets thereby ensuring a sound product. Upon casting completion, all products are steam cured for a carefully controlled period and to exacting standards before being transferred to the grinding and cutting factory. At this stage, it is polished and cut to determined size using special quality diamonds saws, to produce tiles, treads, risers, etc. Stair treads and riser produced by this process, being of a uniform material on all sides, like natural marble, can be finished in the same manner. all six sides may be polished, if so required, making this process ideal for stair cases where more than one surface of the treads or risers is exposed. The fixing of the pre-cast terrazzo treads and risers is usually done on suitable sand and cement mortar bedding. However, it can be adapted to suit most fixing details.

The inlay is a moulded, resin-based, asbestos-free friction material with characteristics similar to brake linings giving an anti-slip foothold. The inlay is slightly flexible and will therefore not break or crack during movements. The anti-Slip insert strips are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and have a high coefficient of friction when both dry as well as wet. The insert strips are therefore ideally suited for wherever there is foot traffic. The insert strip will maintain its anti- Slip properties throughout its lifetime, which depending on circumstances and normal wear and tear, the expected lifetime is 10 years based on traffic of 1 million persons per year. The anti-Slip insert strips should be cleaned regularly with soap-less detergent, but should not be polished or cleaned with grease or wax-based cleaning agents as this will reduce the anti-slip properties. The anti-Slip insert strips are available in black and white, and any further information may be obtained from our technical department. This feature incorporates two continuous grooves running the full length of the tread unit, each groove is 4mm wide x 5mm deep and set 20mm apart and 20mm back from the front of the treat nose.

SILICON CARBIDE (SIC) is known as Carborundum and is made by the function of crushed petroleum coke and silica sand in an electrical furnace for 36 hours at 2200°C. Its hardness is 13 Mohs scale. CARBORUNDUM is mixed with resin and fixed in the groove to give anti-slip feature. It has a high coefficient of friction when both dry as well as wet. Therefore, it is ideally suitable for feet traffic. CARBORUNDUM anti-slip should be cleaned with brush only, but should not be grinded and polished.