• When we have to re-grind the Tile and what type of grinding to be used?

    For Terrazzo Tiles grinding must be after every 5 years.

  • Can Terrazzo Tile withstand the weight of Car?

    4 CM Thickness of Terrazzo Tile can withstand the pressure.

  • How durable are Color in Terrazzo Tiles of ARTIC?

    ARTIC uses the German pigments with high Standards and Quality. ARTIC gives 10 years of warrenty for colors, but generally it lasts for 30 years.

  • What type of grout we must use?

    Grout should be from the same mix of tiles

  • Can we produce tiles as per the customers requirement?

    Yes we can produce.

  • Can we use terrazzo tiles for walls?

    Yes with some adjustments

  • Can I use all tiles outside and inside building?

    Yes you can use it.

  • Can I brush pavers?

    Yes, you can brush pavers.

  • Do I have to make joints between tiles?

    We should leave minimum 3mm of space between tiles to hide the edges broken

  • What is GFRC, GFRG and GFRP?

    GFRC is Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, GFRG is Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum and GFRP is Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic

  • Difference between GRC and Concrete?

    GFRC is customized product with light weight with any shape but concrete or precast have heavy weight.

  • Can you produce customized products?

    We can Produce customized pattern, size & any kind of shapes in GFRC, GFRG & GFRP.

  • What about color and size?

    We can produce any kind of color as per customer recommended sample and the size standard GFRC will be produce 3x3x12mm Thick. GFRG 2x2x6mm Thick & GFRP 2x2x4mm Thick.

  • Where can we use GRC products?

    GFRC useful external of the building & Boundary wall as well as internal decoration.

  • Where can we use GRG products?

    GFRG useful and recommended only in internal decoration specially on walls & ceilings.

  • Can we do water and dust proofing for GRC products?

    GFRC material it self is water proof and dust proof as per ASTM Standard

  • What type of installation, fixing details used?

    GFRC & GFRG Installed by mechanical fixing (e.g. bolts/anchors/washers/angle cleats & adhesive)

  • Can we execute the project outside of Kingdom?

    ARTIC executed the projects out side of kingdom like Qatar, Jordan & Burkina Faso.

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